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Shower doors stone

Shower doors stone

Our shower doors stone are made from 100% natural stone material, and hence you’re getting eco-friendly, robust, and versatile products for your bathroom tiles.

Shower doors are all about the appearance and look of the space. When it comes to giving a unique look to the house, people try different and attractive items such as phenomenal flooring, amazing backsplash tiles, beautiful ceilings, and others. Shower doors are one of those things that can help you to give an amazing look to your shower space. But have you ever wondered what is better material that you can use for your shower doors? Well, if not then it is high time to think about shower doors stone.

For this, you can try out natural stone in the shape of stone tiles or stone slabs. If you are still confuse, just contact us and get the best ideas with the help of our professionals. Just make sure to use the right type of stone for the space to give it a magnificent appearance.

Common types of stone

Though you can go for glass shower doors for your bathroom showers, yet stone tiles are better than that. A common type of shower door stone includes marble, slate, granite, pebbles, etc. Among all, slate tile is one of the most widely use types of stone in showers. This is because it not only gives a classic look to the area but also is very easy to be cleaned.

Furthermore, you can try out white marble due to its light color and minimal veining. The lower grade of marble has more veins while high-grade white marble comprises almost no veins. It just depends on your choice.

Besides this, you can go for granite, as it works well in showers. Granites have the capacity not to get damaged by acid, ammonia, water, or alcohol. This reduces the efforts and time required to maintain the shower areas.

Tips related to stone shower areas

Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can follow to maintain the attractive appearance of the shower space:

  • Always ensure not to clean the stones with any acid or alcohol. Try to use a non-acidic cleaner or pH–neutral cleaner.
  • Try to keep grout joints small in tiles or stone slabs.
  • Make sure to use smooth and cleanable stone for your shower space.
  • Try to avoid using pebbles and stacked stone for floors and walls of the shower area as it increases the grout and looks rough.
  • Make sure not to use slippery stones for your shower floor.
  • Shower accidents are often serious and are always very painful.


People often get confuse choosing between glass and stone for their shower doors stone and areas. Well, you can go for any type of material but if you are looking for a long-lasting and classic look, try our natural stones once. For further assistance, you can contact us, and our team of experts will reach you in no time. We offer a huge collection of attractive tiles and that too at affordable prices. Check out the tiles collection at our official website and choose the best for your shower space. Now contact us for more information.